Wide range of office equipment rentals available to meet every business’ needs

In today’s restrictive credit environment, more and more business are choosing to rent certified, reconditioned office equipment rather than lease new equipment. Renting a fully-functional refurbished machine can save your business up to 50% versus the lease of an equivalent new machine.

Avant Garde has a wide range of office equipment available to meet every business’ needs. We stand stand behind all of our refurbished equipment with the same service coverage and response time as you would receive with a new unit. You can count on us to keep your office equipment up and running.

Don’t let the cost of equipment interfere with your efficiency, productivity and growth. Let Avant Garde help you afford the equipment you need to run your business.
Comprehensive service coverage is available for all our products. We can customize your lease to include financing of equipment along with all of your equipment service and supply needs. Contact us today for details and terms.
Experiencing the crunch of the credit crisis? Check out our affordable equipment rental options.